Sunday, 16 June 2013

Mint tea

Fruit and herb tea bags cost 4p to 5p per bag.  Nice but dear.
Here's how to get round this as far as mint is concerned, using mint in your garden.

Mint Tea

One good sized sprig of mint or two smaller sprigs, per person cut from the garden
Boiling water.
Honey if wanted (I don't)

Put the kettle on to boil and warm the pot or mug.
Wash the sprigs of mint, then roll them between your hands to start releasing the oils.
Empty the hot water from the pot or mug, pop in the sprigs of mint and pour over boiling water.  Stif well, then leave to steep for five minutes or so.
Pour through a strainer or, if making in a mug, remove the sprig.


I have learnt that there are lots of different kinds of mint and I think many of those kinds would make a delicious infusion.  There's even chocolate mint, would you believe?  It sounds like After Eights!

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