Friday, 14 June 2013

Living below the line: the very last guest post.

As always, a message worth pondering.  Thank you so much, Beth for being my guest blogger this week.

And we’re done!

Finished, success!
We seemed to eat nearly at the £1 limit every day but we’ve got a few bits left over, which suggests to me we overestimated the value of things a little. I’ve got yoghurt left, a portion of mushy peas a few kidney beans, some flour, the dregs of the marmalade and teabags. Quite a lot of teabags. If I made flatbreads, it would be enough to feed one person reasonably well, if rather oddly, if they so intended.
(Hint: I do not intend to do so...)

We’re in a jubilant mood, after surviving just five days of living below the line. And that’s OK. But of course for those in real poverty there isn’t an end. Living below the line drags on and on with no end or respite in sight. We are truly very lucky.

So. On the last day our menus were as follows:
Breakfast: Porridge, jam and a cuppa.
Lunch for Alex: Ham and soft cheese sandwich, crisps, final two digestives.
Lunch for me: Portion of split pea and vegetable soup
Dinner for Alex: Two slices of toast, half a tin of baked beans and a portion of meatballs. Rhubarb and yoghurt.
Dinner for me: Two slices of toast, half a tin of baked beans mixed with quarter of a tin of kidney beans. Rhubarb and yoghurt.
Alex had his last packet of crisps in the evening, bringing his total to 97p. Mine only came to 78p, bargainous!

A huge, huge thank you to everyone who supported us, by donation if their circumstances permitted, or simply by cheering us on via our Facebook page. Your support has kept us going and we are thrilled to have raised over £450 for The Hunger Project. Don’t forget, you can donate till the end of the month- it isn’t too late! Best of luck to the people doing this next week.

And roll on 2014, when I expect I’ll be doing it all again. Now, where’s that cake? 

Joy back again:
If Beth wanted to ask me to join her next year, I might just give it some thought.  It's been great, I've broken a caffeine addiction (I now have decaf and fruit teas in my locker at school) and I reckon we will have raised more or less £500.  Fantastic!!!  Thank you to you all.

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