Sunday, 2 June 2013

I am grateful for . . .

Today and in the context of this blog I am grateful for . . .

. . . a mum who taught me how to cook.  Not the way it has to be taught in school with plans and researching and designing and making and evaluating and improving and generally turning what should be an intensely practical experience into a right bore.  That would turn me right off as, sadly, it does for many nowadays which is why I shudder when 'they' talk about putting cookery back on the curriculum.  News - it never left, it just got changed out of all recognition by the National Curriculum and squeezed into a tiny little slot among all those other things we have to teach.  One day someone might possibly talk about what teachers don't need to teach rather than laying all the ills of society on the premise that we DON'T teach something that shouldn't be our responsibility in the first place.  And making the school day longer ain't going to help!
End of rant - back to the subject in hand.
No, she taught me by example, by letting me watch, by talking to me, by explaining (sometimes), by letting me stir, mix, scrape the bowl, put things in the oven (carefully), peel, chop, scrape and generally get in the way.  And for not making a right fuss when I left a mess behind me - or if she did it went in and out again!  Ooops!

. . . a daughter with whom I share my interest, who shares her produce, who accepts my offerings gladly, who talks foody stuff for as long as we want, who eats my offerings with obvious relish (usually) and has seconds and with whom I am very happy to share my kitchen without too many hassles.

. . . my little (value) calculator that enables me to work out amounts as used.  And the other little (value) calculator that sits beside the computer, thus saving me from walking from kitchen to PC or the other way.  And the little book that has all my jottings and ingredients as I use them scribbled in it.

. . . having enough mathematical knowledge to work out what 10g or 40g or whatever will cost.  Couldn't do this properly without it.

. . . my freezer.  Says it all really!

. . . my kitchen with all its multitude of tools and utensils, most of which I use regularly and some of which I keep thinking I ought to discard.

 . . . my store cupboards with their host of herbs, spices, dry goods, pulses etc, just waiting to be used in a more or less inventive/creative way.

. . . a small modicum of common sense (yes I have, don't argue!).

. . . enjoying cooking!  And eating!

. . . and finally, after yesterdays foody disaster, just as I had rejoiced in being in control (I should have known better!), I am grateful that the story doesn't come to an end with a slip up, there's always room for a fresh start, room to lay the mistake down and move on without it, room to learn and develop.  Good, isn't it?

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