Thursday, 13 June 2013

Living Below The Line: last day

Here we are at day 5.  The last day.  My menu plans are . . .

B:  As always, porridge, jam and yoghurt.  It will be nice to be able to add a banana to this again tomorrow.
L:  Pea and broccoli soup, bread (no butter as I am saving what I have left for the pancakes), pineapple pieces and yoghurt
D:  Spaghetti bolognaise with broccoli in the side.  Jammy, fruity pancakes.
S:  If I can manage any supper after all that, it will be the remains of the digestives and cream cheese.

Fingers crossed . . .


  1. congratualteions on making it to the end....

  2. Thanks, Diane! At the moment I feel I could continue (with more supplies, of course).
    J x