Thursday, 20 June 2013

Cheaper than Chips daily menu: 20-6-13

Here we go, today's effort at getting back on track!

B:  2 eggs and a toasted crumpet (rather delicious)  about 45p
L:  Pumpkin, tomato and lentil soup (from the freezer), pineapple and yoghurt - costable total about 12p
D:  Egg salad (I have loads of eggs that need using up) - about 60p

Playtime fruit - free.
Drinks:  fruit tea: 15p, decaf coffee: about 5p, water, lots of water as it feels as if it is going to be a hot day today.  The windows are already all open to air the house!

Edited in the evening to add, didn't have egg salad, I had curry (from the freezer) and rice (value) because I felt like it.  I will make an egg salad for school lunch tomorrow!

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