Friday, 14 June 2013

Living Below The Line . . .

. . . has officially finished now.
However, this is day six because the food isn't going to waste!  Not if I can help it.

B:  2 boiled eggs (left over) and 1 slice of toast (left over), banana
L:  Spaghetti bolognaise (left over), 20g grated cheese (not left over), pineapple and yoghurt (because I've really enjoyed that this week)
D: (definitely not left over)  Steak, home made wedges, salad, Probably no dessert because the steak will be filling.

Back on Cheaper than Chips tomorrow!  That's a promise (or do I mean threat?).

A final plea to consider making a donation.  If you can and would like to, here's where to go:
Huge and hearty thanks to everyone who has donated - you are wonderful and we appreciate your generosity.

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