Thursday, 13 June 2013

Living Below The Line: guest post - limping into the final straight

Thanks again, Beth.  I am so very glad Alex will be rewarded.  What a star he has been.

Limping into the final straight
One more day to go!
The biscuits are a distant memory, the last being carted off in the boy’s lunchbox today. The bread we need for our beans ‘n’ things on toast tonight is in the freezer and there it will stay: I haven’t dared take it out yet because I’ll almost certainly eat it if I do. The jam is gone, dolloped on our last portion of porridge this morning.
Supplies are looking very thin indeed.

Temptation was very much on the menu yesterday. Alex went to youth group. They usually have a snack there, crisps and biscuits, but for some reason yesterday they had hot dogs and posh doughnuts! Poor Alex, sitting there, trying to be strong, nursing his packet of Value crisps! He got his reward though. The youth leader, concerned, came over to find out what was going on, and when she heard about LBTL she was so impressed she said Alex could choose next week’s snack. I gather he gave her quite a long list to take home with her. * hee *
I had my fair share of temptation too. I went out yesterday to meet a friend for coffee, or rather, she had an extremely delicious smelling iced mango drink and I had a glass of tap water (free!) and felt very virtuous. I looked at the piles of delicious cakes and buns and was unmoved by them until I got home, and then oh my... I couldn’t stop thinking about them.

So temptation averted on both counts, but we are so having cake tomorrow. We are so having cake tomorrow. We are so having cake tomorrow...
Yesterday our menu was:
Breakfast: Porridge, jam and a cuppa
Lunch for Alex: Two wraps with soft cheese and meatballs, economy crisps, digestives.
Lunch for me: omelette with titchy amount of onion, pepper and tinned potato.
Dinner: Pasta with a sauce made from soft cheese and milk, bit of onion and pepper, and the lad had some ham chopped up in his.
Later: rhubarb and yoghurt, and the lad took an extra packet of crisps to youth group.
And I had several biscuits and cups of tea...

Totals for yesterday were 93p for me and it was Alex’s turn to just scrape by on a full pound as he had meat twice and an extra packet of crisps at club.

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