Sunday, 23 June 2013

Cheaper than chips menu: 23-6-13

I have things to use up this week but I've planned the whole week's eating very carefully and this is what I have got for today.

Breakfast:  2 eggs, poached, toast and butter
Lunch:  Potato and sweetcorn soup (home made), bread, pineapple and yoghurt (I dearly love my home made yoghurt and I must stock up with more long life milk from Aldi or Lidl))
Dinner:  Savoury mince, 1/3 head of broccoli, melon (either as a starter or as a dessert, I haven't decided yet)
Drinks:  fruit tea, decaf coffee, mint tea, water

I'm going to make some strawberry and rhubarb jam today, having picked some rhubarb from Beth's garden yesterday.  I am mighty impressed with what she's got and look forward to some handouts in exchange for the bread and eggs.  Bartering like this is great!

And finally, skinflint that I am, I now make all my fruit teas in a teapot rather than straight in the mug, the reason being that you can get three mugs-worth out of a teapot for the one bag!  I feel very civilised, pouring by cuppa from the pot, even if it's just a bog-standard plain white one from Boundary Mill.  One day I will use my bone china teapot and then I will be really upper (frugal) class!  :-)

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