Monday, 10 June 2013

Living Below The Line Day 2: Guest Blog

Again, from daughter, Beth . . . this girl can write!

Monday arrives...
... and I’ve got a dietcokeache. It’s like a headache but caused by the rapid withdrawal of the fizzy brown stuff, my caffeine and lord-knows-what-else hit of choice. Gah!!!

I know that’s what it is. Last year, I did a project where I ate for a month on World War 2 style rations (yes, for fun, yes, I am insane) and the same thing happened. I swore then that I wouldn’t restart the habit when I finished, and did manage to switch to decaf coffee, but the coke crept back in again. I know full well it will this time around too. The flesh is weak...

So yes. Headache and general mugginess. I managed to miss the alarm and found I had quarter of an hour to wash, dress, mop the floor where the cat had weed, and make nourishing bowls of porridge this morning, needless to say we were late out for the school run. Fortunately I had made Alex’s pack up last night. Not sure what came over me, I’m not usually so organised.

So we did the school run. I then went back to bed! Fortunately I can, I’m between courses at the moment, studying with the Open University,  so my time is my own, and I’m also a worrier, so have had several sleepless nights thinking about this project. Daft, yes, but that’s how it is. I slept well enough last night but there’s clearly a backlog of sleep to catch up on, and I do wonder how I should have fared facing a full day at the office.

Having said that, it might keep me out of the kitchen. The number of times I’ve opened the fridge today, ‘just to look’. Thank goodness we spent 27p on some budget teabags, they are a good distraction. I don’t sugar, and with only a teeny splash of milk it comes to 1p per cup.

Other than that’ it’s going well...

Yesterday Mother and I cooked up a storm, and froze things in portions for later use. Of course those in real poverty almost certainly don’t have access to the technology we do, and we were very aware of that as we cooked. Alex and my menu yesterday was as follows:
Breakfast: Porridge, milk and jam
Lunch: Split pea and vegetable soup, slice of bread, a digestive biscuit or two
Dinner: Carrot, cumin and kidney bean burgers, tinned potates, mushy peas and purple sprouting broccoli
Later on during Poirot: Toast and jam/marmalade. And various cups of tea throughout the day.

The grand total came to 96p for me and 97p for Alex.  

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