Monday, 10 June 2013

Living Below The Line: more about day 2

The thing I am going to remember most about today is - I WANT MY COFFEE.  Imagine it shouted in best 'Little Princess' style.
(You haven't read 'I want my potty'?  Shame on you!  A great story!)
I digress.  Sorry.
I woke with a slightly muzzy head, it went for most of the day but then, as the dance club children came back, so did the muzzy head.  No connection, I hope!

I know I drink too much coffee and this is the ideal opportunity to break the habit, but I bet it won't!  I'm terribly tired and have been doing target tracker stuff which doesn't really encourage wide-awakeness in any shape or form so I can see it's going to be an early night again.

So, how did the day go (apart from the caffeine deprivation)?  Well, all according to plan really, which is good.  Porridge is always acceptable.  The (value) baked beans on (home made) toast for lunch was simply delicious, it's one of my favourites anyway but I haven't had it for ages..  I'm getting more and more impressed with value stuff one way and another.  The 'Italian curry' also was scrummy - I think next time I'll make it a little hotter, but there will be a next time.

I now have two digestive biscuits to scoff later, if I need to.  I might and I might not, we will see.  In the meanwhile, I will comfort myself with another mug of lovely hot water!  Don't you envy me?  :-)

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