Saturday, 15 June 2013

Cheaper than Chips restarted: a ponder and the day's planned menu

After five days of Living below the Line and one evening of self indulgence (which is now rebounding - oh, my poor tum!) it's back on the frugal pathway once more.  I've done a bit of evaluation and decided that I will up the amount I spend per day to between £1.50 and £2.00 on average through the week.  This won't include freebies or foraged stuff (like blackberries from Streele Farm) and older, unpriced meals from the freezer will just be acknowledged and the cost for that day will be lower, which seems a lot simpler than  before.  It does to me anyway.

This is a constantly developing project and I'm sure it will change again before long.  The aim is to make it a lifelong change and to do that it has to work for me, which means not too many complicating factors!
I've been delighted in the interest shown on the Facebook page Beth and I set up for our Living Below The Line week (OK, five days!) and that members want to continue to share frugal recipes and support others doing LBTL.  I've also been pleased and surprised in the increased views of this blog each day and would like to say welcome to the new readers.  I hope you find it interesting and, maybe, helpful too.

Here are today's plans:

B:  bacon (value) and tomatoes (free)
L:  Soup from the freezer, bread and butter (from weekly allowance), pineapple and yoghurt (10p)
D:  Wrap pizza (will post recipe if it works OK), side salad (leaves, tomato, cucumber, coleslaw)
Drinks:  decaf coffee, fruit tea, water

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