Thursday, 6 June 2013

Cheaper than chips update: 5-6-13

Bit of a slip.  Brie, of course, it would be cheese.  Mmmm, it was lovely though!

B:  Porridge, yogurt and jam
L:  Soup, bread and butter cucumber and strawberries in yogurt
D:  Hmmm - say no more.

I think I need to up what I'm eating as I'm ending the day very hungry and that makes me vulnerable.  if that takes me nearer to £1.50 than £1-25, so be it.  I don't want to arrive at Sunday and the start of LBTL with everything in disarray!

Here's today's planning (6-6-13) as a statement of intent.
B:  2 poached eggs on 2 crumpets (and jolly tasty it was too
L:  soup, crackers, tomatoes, strawberries in yoghurt, piece of fruit
D:  Beef paprikash (from freezer), rice, rhubarb and yoghurt

Here's hoping!!!

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