Monday, 17 June 2013

Cheaper than chips: menu 17-6-13

Isn't that nice!  Many thanks to Diane who reads my blogs and decided to create a logo for me.  !  It looks like a big iced cookie and I love it!  Thanks again.

My plans for today are:
B:  Porridge with jam and yoghurt
L:  Chicken salad, using bits of chicken from yesterday's boil up.  Pineapple and yoghurt
D:  Chicken pasta (using more boil up bits) - hopefully I will make enough to provide lunch for Tuesday as well).  Melon and yoghurt.  A lot of yoghurt, I know, but I don;t have milk in tea or in coffee.
Dr:  Fruit tea, decaf coffee, water

If the pasta works out I will post the recipe, but it will be the bog standard one, nothing all that different.  It works though!

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