Thursday, 22 September 2016

Crumble cream cookies

These are lovely and made from leftovers.

The other day I made an apple crumble and made more topping than I needed (on purpose), thinking to freeze the rest

But then I had an idea.

The topping was just flour, butter and sugar, the basic recipe.  Almost the same as shortbread really.  So, into what was left, I added a dash of cream (also left over from the crumble)enough to mix it all into a stiff dough, broke off walnut sized pieces, rolled them and then flattened them on an oven tray with parchment on.

The oven was 160C and I baked them for around 15 to 18 mins, until done.

They are absolutely delicious and this is definitely one to make again, maybe at Christmas as I have decided not to get a tin of posh biscuits this year - my own home mades are much nicer!