Thursday, 13 June 2013

Living Below the Line: Update on day 5

Nearly the last message I shall write on Living Below The Line and I think I'm going to miss it.  It's been fun.

Here's today's food.
B:  Porridge, jam and yoghurt

L:  Pea and broccoli soup, bread, pineapple and yoghurt

D:  Spaghetti bolognaise, 3 digestives with cream cheese and jam (so delicious).  I didn't have the pancakes, I wasn't hungry enough for them.  Maybe over the weekend . . .
I could have done with a good grating of cheese over this!

I have some food left over too.
Some spaghetti (because I had shredded cabbage yesterday instead of spaghetti), some rhubarb, some pea purée, two eggs, one slice of bread, some yoghurt.
Best of all, half of the spag bol from this evening, because there was just so much.  I shall have it for lunch tomorrow with some grated cheese.  That will work in Cheaper than Chips because I've already paid for it! And I could have boiled eggs and toasty soldiers tomorrow for breakfast too.  That will slightly compensate for the steak and alcohol I intend to down for dinner tomorrow.

I have one decision to make now though.  Caffeine.  The brain fug has vanished and I feel a lot better than I have for a while.  Is this the result of not having caffeine?  Do I dive for the coffee first thing tomorrow morning or do I raid the caffeine free stuff that I keep for Beth and others?  I'm not sure.

But now I must go and start off a new lot of yoghurt . . .


  1. Well done Joy a real achievement

  2. Cheers, Diane, I'm really chuffed. And it looks as if we will have raised around £500 all told (plus any gift aid additions), which is brilliant!
    J x