Sunday, 30 June 2013

Cheaper than Chips menu: 30-6-13

Yesterday went a bit doolally but not in a bad way.  I did a fair bit of baking and creating in the kitchen.  I made:
white bread
pork, apple and sage burgers
carrot, cumin and kidney bean burgers (using up some kidney beans)
broccoli soup (with some broccoli stems)
banana bread (to use up some manky bananas)
soda bread without buttermilk (nice)
half and half bread (half strong white flour, half plain wholemeal)

The soda bread was a bit of a test run, to see if baking powder would make up for a lack of buttermilk. (yes, it did) so, of course, I had to taste.  I'll post the recipe in another message.  As soon as the banana bread was cold I sliced it, wrapped it and bunged it in the freezer but I kept the two ends out and ate them with butter.  Very, very tasty indeed!  And frugal, as the bananas were free.  I'll post that recipe at some point too.

As a result, I wasn't hungry at dinner time so didn't have the meatballs, etc, which must be eaten tonight or they won't be good.

Today's eating plans therefore are:
Breakfast:  banana pancakes with bacon and maple syrup
Dinner:  broccoli soup, roast chicken, roasties, carrots, broccoli and peas, strawberries and yoghurt.  Yup, a three course meal.  I hope Beth and Alex are hungry!
Tea:  meatballs in tomato sauce, a bit of pasta, side salad of leaves, tomato, cucumber, celery and coleslaw
No snacks, I hope
Drinks: water, coffee, fruit tea.

Despite all the ups and downs of this month, gastronomically speaking, I still seem to have managed to lose 4 lbs so I'm not complaining!  I thought I'd gained.

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