Friday, 7 June 2013


Well, the internet connection seems to have mended itself (they are upgrading around here so I guess that was the reason) and long may it continue.

Today's eating has been frugal although this evening I am splashing out a bit (in a planned way) with some salmon en croute that was reduced.  The rest of the day has been:
B:  Two boiled eggs with toast from my allowance (and very tasty it all was too)
L: The last of the roasted tomato and lentil soup with some bread and butter, plus some tinned pineapple (Value and really very nice - I'm converted to value tinned fruit - why pay more?)

Tomorrow is the last day before the five days of Living Below The Line so I will be using up stuff in the fridge.  It will not be particularly frugal but that's OK.  Better to eat than waste!

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