Monday, 10 June 2013

Living Below The Line: day 2

And here are the plans . . .
Breakfast:  porridge with jam and yoghurt
I'm hopelessly unscientific with this.  I have my 30g of oats all weighted out for the week and in little pots.  Into the poan they go, followed by a sloosh of milk and some water to make it up to what looks more or less right.  Follow that with a pinch of salt, stir well and leave it on a very low heat to cook.  Very little need to stir and it won;t boil over or stick (unless you leave it on for hours which I wouldn't recommend).
I'm having this every day so no photos.

Lunch:  Today is baked beans on a slice of toast followed by pineapple bits in yoghurt.
And here it is, all ready for packing in my owly lunch bag.  The little pot contains the butter for the toast.
Dinner:  (don't laugh)  Bean, vegetable and peach curry with - er - spaghetti.  I asked you not to laugh!!!  The pasta is because that's all we have got.  We went for pasta, rather than rice so that's what I am having.  It's called fusion food, chaps!!
I made the curry last night.  I sautéed a bit of onion, a bit of carrot and some mixed peppers in a titchy bit of oil until they were softening.  I then added a little squidge of garlic, a pinch of curry powder, chilli powder and garam masala and cooked it out.  Then in went 1/4 tin of kidney beans (drained), 1/4 tin chopped tomato, some sliced peaches from my fruit pot, cut into chunks, and a little more water.  I brought it up to a simmer, covered the pan and left it to gently bubble away for a while.
Tonight I will bring it back up to simmering and add some yoghurt before serving with the spaghetti.  When I tried it before spooning it into a pot for storing in the fridge, it really tasted nice.

Snack:  2 digestive biscuits.  If I can hold off until supper time, I will have some cream cheese (value, of course) on top!

Drinks:  2 mugs of tea (one teabag/teapot), perhaps one coffee at lunchtime, water.


  1. Its sounding rather spartan Joy. Makes me feel hungry just thinking about it.

  2. It isn't really, Sweffling. It's fine . . . well, I could eat more but it's a challenge and just for five days and it's well balanced and tasty - and all good, home made food! What's not to like?
    J x