Saturday, 29 June 2013

Cheaper than chips menu: 29-6-13

The no-spend week has officially started.  Not before I picked up a bargain yesterday evening though.  Morrison's had 800g pork mince for £3.00 so I had to get some.  Yes, I did!  
I've been ummimg and ahing about how to use it but for now I will freeze it in smaller portions until I decide unless inspiration strikes over the weekend.

And now Morrison's is off limits for the week.  Verboten.  Don't go there!  I wonder if I will manage that!

When I got the eggs yesterday, there were three extra mini eggs free.  Lovely!

 Today's eating plans are:

  • Breakfast:  Beans on toast (to use up the rest of the beans from yesterday's lunch)
  • Lunch: Potato and corn soup (freezer), bread (making as I type), banana
  • Dinner:  Meatballs in tomato sauce (Hairy Dieters recipe, in freezer) with the remains of the spaghetti from the LBTL challenge,  melon and strawberries with yoghurt
  • Drinks: coffee, fruit tea, water
  • Snacks:  I have a few increasingly manky looking satsumas that need eating or they will soon have to be chucked, so it is my bounden duty, obviously . . .

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