Sunday, 12 May 2013

Three cheers for lovely daughters

There's several problems with extreme frugality.  One of them is that even value fruit comes out quite expensive, comparatively speaking.  Even yucky value apples (and they are often yucky!) are more than 10p each.  That's a lot when you are aiming for between £1 and £1.50 for the whole day.

So three hearty cheers for a lovely daughter who turns up with an armful of freshly pulled rhubarb, leaves still on, saying 'This is not for dessert, it's for you' (or words to that affect?  effect? < blush > ).

So it's now simmering away in brown sugar (20p), water and root ginger (that's the last of my fresh root ginger and goodness only knows how much it cost - let's say 8p and I bet it's less than that), making the house smell wonderful and I now have to re-plan some meals.  Yippeeeee!

Even better - she says that when she splits one of her roots (crowns?) in the autumn,  I can have one.  Excellent!  I've even got a place for it in the garden.

Addition - 7 little pots, so that's 4p per pot, six for the freezer and one for me this evening.  And root ginger goes on the shopping list . . . just in case.

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