Monday, 20 May 2013

Recipe: Wraps

Wraps are jolly useful.  Not only are they a great alternative to bread, they are good for using as a thin pizza base, as a lining for a quiche (I've tried both of these and it works well) and for scooping up a delicious curry sauce.  I suspect one could always bake them crunchy too, like crispy tortillas, although I haven't tried that yet.
Unfortunately, wraps are expensive.  My Supermarket tells me that a pack of 8 Sainsbury's ordinary wraps cost £1.20, making each wrap 15p while Mission deli wraps are more than 20p each.  Ouch.

So I was delighted when, as I was trawling through Jack Monroe's recipes, I found a link to this recipe on the rather interesting looking Frugal Feeding blog - do take a look.
An easy peasy recipe for home made wraps.

I'm not going to reproduce the recipe here as it is very well explained over there, but I did tweak it slightly for making in the thermomix as well as making half the amount - the same number of wraps though, so rather smaller but just the right size for me.
Here's the tweaked version with all acknowledgement and thanks to the creator.


Ingredients to make 8 medium sized wraps, around 2p each
250g plain flour, plus extra for dusting and rolling (I used value/basic flour and it was fine)
1/2 tbsp butter (again, I used basic)
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
150ml hot water

Usual Method:
Follow the link

Method for the Thermomix
Place the first 4 ingredients in the bowl and mix on 5 for about 5 seconds.
Add the water, mix briefly, then knead for five minutes.

Divide into 8 small balls (each will be around 60g)

When you roll each ball out into a very thin sort of circular shape; they don't HAVE to be circular and some of mine were a very odd shape indeed!.  Use flour for dusting (needed).

Heat up a frying pan large enough to take the wraps until very hot.  Dry fry each wrap in turn, giving each side no more than 2 minutes.  I found it was a lot less, in fact, and I did need to flatten them down because they puffed up a lot.  You certainly can't go off and do anything else, however short a time it takes.  As you remove each one from the pan, stack it under a clean tea towel.

I have no idea how long these stay fresh.  It’s probably best to interleave each one and pop them in the freezer somewhere they won’t get knocked, to use individually if you're not going to eat them immediately.

I've eaten one and it was very nice.  Now to think of other ways of flavouring – garlic, black pepper, celery salt perhaps, mint – mmm, mint wrap and falafels.  Or I could roll them with some of my bean and tomato mixture (already heated), sprinkle some grated cheese on to and warm up in the oven.  

And here's the link again.


  1. I ate some lovely dehydrated spinach wraps recently, so good for those of us who cannot eat grains.

  2. That sounds interesting - please, tell more.

    J x

  3. We had ours yesterday, with tomato salsa, I had feta the boy had chicken. They were jolly nice, so any time you wish to give me any more... lmao

  4. We had ours yesterday, with tomato salsa, I had feta the boy had chicken. They were jolly nice, so any time you wish to give me any more... lmao

  5. I will, pet. They were so easy it was an absolute doddle!
    J x