Saturday, 18 May 2013

Saturday shop

I've just finished putting my shopping away and, honestly, it takes longer to do that than it does to do the actual shop.  The reason for this is that I like to price up everything before I put it away -  price per 10 ml/10g/50g or whatever.  I write the info on the packet with my lovely retractable sharpie pen  It's a bit of a pain but it saves a lot of time and temper at the other end, the cooking end.  What else helps is having a calculator (a value one, of course) in the kitchen.  It certainlly earns its space.

I went to Sainsbury's for a change and also because I wanted to look at their clothes and, inevitably, I bought a couple of things.  Nothing unnecessary but it did whop the final bill up considerably, as did the two foody magazines that somehow jumped into my trolley when I wasn't looking.

I think I've solved the milk issue (not using it up quickly enough).  I've poured half into a container and it will go into the freezer until I need it.  Canny, eh?

One think I did get that wasn't really planned was fish.  Value fish, of course, which was pollack, and I have no idea what it's like but I am missing fish in my diet and they are 25p per fillet, so not a bank-buster.  Bread crumbed and with some chips and peas, it should make a tasty treat, or I could make some into a fish pie or crumble.  So now my freezer is bursting at the seams even more!  So unreal, isn't it?

The other big purchase was a big block of cheddar.  It comes out at around 5.5p for 10g which is pretty good as cheddar goes, even value cheese.  Now I have to face the task of grating it all up - this is the first time I am regretting giving away my food processor when I got Thermione!  Ah well, everything comes at a price, doesn't it and it's not always a cash price either!

And finally, something that surprised me.  When I've read blogs written by people doing this very frugal thing, almost all have said they have to cut out coffee.  Well, I was getting low so I got a refill bag today and priced it out.  Now, I know I don't have my coffee strong and I don't have it with milk or sugar but I do use a good kind, Millicano, so I was expecting it to come out as more (and I've been counting it as more up to now).  However, it seems that my mug of coffee only costs me 1p a time.  Perhaps they mean filter coffee or something exotic and fancy from Costa because it doesn't seem to be expensive at all, not in the amounts I have.

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