Friday, 3 May 2013

Cheaper than chips: 3-5-13

I was extremely silly today.  I had carefully planned today's food, took the tomato soup out of the freezer, cut the bread and spread the butter, wrapped the flapjack, packed it carefully in my lovely owl bag given to me just over a year ago by my daughter and grandson and took it smugly to school in the sure and certain knowledge that . . .

a)   I had managed to produce a lunch from home every day this week instead of buying expensive and unhealthy pap from over the road and . . .
b)  It was all good and home made and I knew what was in it all.

 . . . when I remembered that today we were saying goodbye to a colleague and there would be a buffet lunch in the staffroom, provided by our wonderful kitchen staff, completely free of charge!


So I enjoyed a most delicious lunch of quiche, chips, tuna, salad and the like, followed by fresh fruit platter.
And brought my packed lunch home again.

Yes, I could have had it tonight but I'd already prepared for a tomato and bacon pasta thingy both mentally and in terms of preparation of food.  So I'm having that tonight, today's lunch is now in the fridge for tomorrow and I am revelling in the knowledge that today's food has come to well under the pound because of the freebie lunch.  Can't complain, can I?

So - today's food was:
B  Banana and bacon pancakes (totally scrummy and a work in progress so watch this blog!)
L  As above - totally - er - free!  (and scrummy)
D  Tomato and pasta bake (hopefully scrummy!)
Grand total, including coffee:  81p

But - before anyone starts getting ideas, remember that the banana was a freebie and, of course, the total lunch was ditto!

I will post the week's totals tomorrow!

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