Monday, 6 May 2013

Cream (sort of) of broccoli (stem) soup: Cheaper than chips

This is a Thermione recipe but can be done the usual way just as easily.  I would just add the rice whole and zizz it up at the end.
And because it is a cheaper than chips recipe, given that the butter came from the week's allowance and the broccoli didn't cost anything because I'd already worked out the cost based on the florets, this thick, creamy textured, very tasty soup cost me all of 10p!  I could have afforded the Stilton cheese crumbled over the top, should I have had some in the house.

Broccoli stem soup

Ingredients to serve 1 (jolly good portion)
(amounts vary, depending on size of veg, all veg weights are for unprepared veg)
long grain rice
broccoli stem, left after all the florets have been removed

small squidge garlic puree (or equivalent)
1 tsp
vegetable stock paste

long grain rice
Weigh into the bowl and grind on 9/10 for about 1 minute until a flour consistency.  remove from pan and set aside

Peel the onion and cut into chunks.  Top and tail carrot as necessary and chunk, ditto with celery.  Cut off the dried end of the broccoli stalk and slice the remaining stem into ‘coins!
Place all veg in the Tmx and grate to very small bits – speed 6 for about 10 secs.

about 20g of butter
Add the butter briefly zizz for 2 seconds.  Push the mixture down from the sides.  Saute at 100/ 5 mins/ speed 1.  Add squidge garlic and continue to sauté for 1 more minute.  Push mixture down the sides again

400mls water
good tsp vegetable stock paste
ground rice
Add the water, the ground rice and the stock paste.  Cook on Varoma, 12 mins/ speed 4

Check all is cooked, then zizz on speed 9 for about 1 minute.  Check seasonings and adjust if necessary.  Reheat to piping hot and serve with stilton crumbled over.  Very tasty!

(the vegetable stock paste was the only seasoning I wanted, but one could us ones imagination

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