Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Recipe: rhubarb sorbet

This is a thermomix recipe and jolly nice it is too.  However, if you have a powerful processor and start with icing sugar rather than demerara (or if it can grind the demerara into an icing sugar consistency) there's no reason why you can't make this without one..

Rhubarb sorbet
 Servings:  it depends how huge your servings are but I would say six to eight.  If the rhubarb is free (mine was) the cost is 8.5p if serving six and 6.5p if you’re serving eight.  It would be nice if you used strawberries as well as rhubarb or made a strawberry sauce/purée.

650g rhubarb
120g Demerara sugar
1 egg white
lemon juice

Method: (for thermomix)
The day before, cook the rhubarb in as little water as you can get away with.
Line a sided oven tray with baking parchment by tearing off a piece large enough to fit in the tray and up the sides, scrunching it under the cold tap, shaking it out and pressing it into the tray.  Pour the soft rhubarb into the tray, smooth off the top, cover with easy leave or cling film and put in the freezer for about 24 hours (or longer – but if longer, put into a poly bag).

Making the sorbet
Get the rhubarb out of the freezer, remove it from the tray (you might need to dip the tray bottom briefly into hot water) and peel off the paper and easy-leave/cling film.  With a strong, sharp knife, cut the slab into ice cube sized chunks (it isn't that hard, just be careful)

Into the Tmx, weigh 120g demerara sugar and grind on 10 until it resembles icing sugar (it takes longer than granulated takes).
Then pile in the rhubarb ice cubes and crush at speed 6 until the mixture no longer moves around the bowl (you can hear this)
Add the lemon juice and honey (and any liqueur you want to add – strawberry would be lovely) and churn for up to 1 minute/speed 9, stirring through the top with the spatula as it churns.  It should end up very smooth.
Add the egg white and glycerine.  The insert the butterfly whisk and whisk for 30 seconds on 4 until light and creamy.
Serve immediately or pop into a pot and freeze for later.

Believe me, it is very, very delicious!

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