Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Cheaper than chips: 1-5-13

Day five:
I mentioned allowances yesterday:  here they are
2 small loaves and two rolls (home made)    63p
125g butter  50p
At the moment, that's it.

So what have I had today?
B  2 eggs, scrambled and two slices of toast and butter (those slices are small!)

L  egg roll (bread and butter from allowance), flapjack, plus another flapjack for just before staff meeting

D  butter bean burger on a roll with salad and coleslaw, I was going to have an apple but I'm full up!

Coffee 2 (plus freebie ones at school)

I have posted the recipe for the butter bean burger as it was really scrummy.

So today I have spent approximately £1.15.  And I have eaten well!

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