Monday, 6 May 2013

Cheaper than chips: weekend

Well, I'm back home after a very pleasant weekend and immediately it's back onto frugal eating.  On the way home I did what I had planned and took trips to both Aldi and Lidl to compare and contrast.  In both places the chopped tomatoes were exactly the same price as Morrison's value so it's now a case of quality.  I got a tin from both and will see what I think.  Tomato puree was also exactly the same and I now seem to have enough tomato puree to last me for weeks and weeks!

Having looked around, unless I am prepared to go to both shops, write down prices and then go back to buy the cheapest, then it's really a matter of swings and roundabouts for most things.  Aldi only had Allinson's bread flour which, disappointingly, was no cheaper that getting a 3k bag from Morrison's   However, Lidl had bread flour for 79p for 1.5k which is better, so I'm trying that.  It was on special though.
I bought stuff from both places which will hopefully see me through several weeks to come.

I've invented a soup made with broccoli stem - the bit that I always have thrown away after I've cut off the florets but which, I am assured, is full of flavour.  It was very delicious, so I'm posting it as a separate entry.

And finally - of course, I have made the most of this weekend.  Mum is an excellent cook and I've enjoyed the results.  Dad had ordered some Wensleydale cheese from the Wensleydale Creamery and I have come back with seven wedges plus one of their blue.  Some will be for the party tomorrow but other than that - I HAVE FREE CHEESE!!!!!  For now the rest that I won't be using is going in the freezer but wow - I've missed cheese!!

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