Sunday, 19 May 2013

Cheaper than chips: daily update 19-5-13

Scrummy eating day today.  It's all been delicious so far.

B:  Porridge (made with some milk as I have some again now), dried fruit and yoghurt, a satsuma
D:  Vegetable and bean crumble, roasted parsnips, pea purée  broccoli, rhubarb sorbet and strawberry coulis (sounds posher than 'sauce', doesn't it?
T:  It was going to be more beany tomato stuff with pasta and cheese, but I'm still full up from dinner so I reckon it will be marmite on toast later on followed by a flapjack.  Or maybe nothing at all
Dr: coffee, sparkly water, still water
Sn:  one digestive biccie

It's a bit hard to work out the total, especially as the last meal has changed but I work it out at around £1.20, give or take a few pence.

The pea purée wasn't planned.  I had some home cooked mushy peas in the freezer but they were a bit dry and tasteless so I heated them up with a sprig of mint, discarded the mint, added some butter (not a lot) and then used my bamix to zizz the lot down to a purée   And you know what?  It was really scrummy and I shall be doing that again.  There's some broccoli and some parsnip left but the pea puree all got eaten.  Success!

I looked at the satsuma peel and wondered if there was anything I could do with it.  If anyone has any ideas, please would you leave a comment and let me know?  Thanks.


  1. Candied peel to be used for baking later? Not sure how frugal though with the added sugar.
    Could email you an easy recipe seperately ...

  2. Yes, please, Annabeth. I hardly ever use sugar and it would make presents! :-)
    J x