Thursday, 16 May 2013

Cheaper than chips: daily update 16-5-13

Today I have eaten or intend to eat

B:   Porridge, banana and natural yoghurt
L:  Ham and pea soup, a bit of leftover turkey stew from last night's dinner, 2 satsumas (I may keep one for after school)
D:  Savoury chicken and bacon rice (I haven't had it yet but if it's OK I will post the recipe), flapjack

Coffee: 3

The total cost seems to amount to 70p.  That's because the turkey stew was already counted, the satsumas and banana are free and I have run out of milk* so the porridge was made with just water rather than a mixture of milk and water.  An interesting experience and one that will have to be repeated tomorrow as I am determined I will not go shopping until Saturday!

And the leftover stew was so filling that I saved the soup until I got home.  Nice!

(* Actually, not quite true - I had to throw some away, much to my disgust, because it was well past its date and didn't smell or taste right.  I need to think this one through because it could so easily happen again and that's not on.).

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