Saturday, 18 May 2013

Cheaper than chips: daily update 18-5-13

Today I've eaten or intend to eat:
B:  Banana and bacon pancakes with honey and yoghurt - this is getting to be my weekly spoil myself on a Saturday morning and the fact that it is also great value is very cheering!
L:  Cream of broccoli soup (using the stem that would be chucked), bread and butter.
D:  Vegetable chilli with rice and a sprinkle of grated cheese, rhubarb pancakes with yoghurt (the pancakes are made with leftover batter from this morning.

Sn:  some gorgeous cake* that Beth brought round - so free!  I've been very good and cut it into five, one of which is in my tum now and the rest individually wrapped for another day.
Drinks.  five coffees < hangs head in shame > and some value sparkling water (which I love - the sparkle, I mean)

I did the pancakes a little differently today.  The lady I buy my eggs from has some new chickens that are laying eggs in miniature right now.  Really - they are titchy and sit very comfortably in a teaspoon with just a little overhang.  She popped a couple in as an extra freebie - thanks so much Jules.
Also I didn't have any milk!!
So I used 30g SR flour, the titchy little egg, a quarter of the banana, around 20 mls natural yoghurt  a pinch of salt and some water and zizzed it all up together until smooth.  And you know what - they were delicious. And I got four (not huge) pancakes out of the mix so I can feast on rhubarb and yoghurt pancakes for dessert this evening.

Nearly forgot to say, the total of the eating today should come to around 80p which is daft.
However, I remember that the banana is free, the rhubarb was also a gift, the broccoli in the soup doesn't count because I have worked out the cost based on the florets so it has already been 'absorbed', so to speak, the yogurt is home made so much, much better value and other ingredients are value ingredients.

*Here's the link to the cake recipe.  If you like cake you MUST make it: it's wonderful.

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