Saturday, 11 May 2013

Cheaper than chips? Really?

I did a bit of a shop last night.  I needed a few bits and bobs without which life would be rather boring.  Things like washing liquid and deodorant.

On my way round I spied chickens at three for a tenner (Morrison's chickens so not terribly yucky and bad) and now two are residing in the freezer and one is in the fridge awaiting a brining today followed by a roasting in Handy Andy tomorrow morning.  The leftovers will probably provide me with meat for the rest of the week.  I continued round getting things I really did need until I found myself in the frozen food area and there before me, plaintively calling out (yes, it was), was a big bag of value chips.  Reader, I cannot lie - I bought a bag.  100g costs around 6/7p.  Healthy - not a chance.  Frugal - yes, undoubtedly.  I wonder how they will cook up.  Fingers crossed.

I think I need to call my project 'Cheaper than not-value Chips' from now on!


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