Sunday, 5 May 2013

Cheaper than chips: 4-5-13

No menus today - family stuff has intervened (and very welcome it is too).  We will be lunching out and having something lavish for dinner tonight.  However, the break is giving me some thinking time and I reckon I ought to take a trip to Lidl or Aldi at some point.  We have both around here, both the other side of town, unfortunately.  I might try things like their bread flour and see how much basics like chopped tomatoes are.  I rather like Morrison's value chopped toms but ought to be aware if comparative stuff can be bought elsewhere, cheaper!  Anyway, Lidl and Aldi, here I come!


  1. We use Aldi for some of the basics and we have found things like parma ham are less than half the price of Tesco and the same quality. Their continental chocolate is wonderful so beware!

  2. I doubt I will have continental chocolate on my shopping list, to be honest, but I do take your point and will resist with all my energy!!!
    Parma ham is off the list too, at the moment. :-)

    J x