Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Cheaper than chips update: 29-5-13

Do you like the changes?  I decided yesterday that I fancied a slightly different look and I do like this particular background.  The photo at the top is my kitchen window ledge.

Today I have eaten, or plan to eat:
B:  porridge with banana and yoghurt
L:  Salad with some Wensleydale cheese (a gift from my parents), a piece of fruit (I've been off fruit recently and have missed it)
D:  bacon, tomato, hash browns and mushrooms (I'm craving a fry up but this won't be greasy!  Fruit crumble and yoghurt (might not have this, it depends how hungry I feel after the first course)
Dr:  coffee and sparkling water
Sn:  Toast and a scraping of marmite this morning and digestives this afternoon.  The bread was from my allowance.

Oh, I have been so hungry today.  I suppose it's the combination of finally feeling better and not having eaten all that much for a few days.  Anyway, the digestives have taken a battering.  Such a shame their calorie value isn't the same as their monetary value.

I'm wibbling.  Daughter has persuaded me to join her in five days of Eating Below The Line with a joint sponsor page.  Eeeeeeeeeeek!  I'm really not at all sure but I guess I have to have a go and if we buy together and split, it will make it easier, I think.

Oh, my!  Value lemon curd, here I come!

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