Saturday, 4 May 2013

Cheaper than chips: end of week 1

If I was aiming to spend £1.25 a day, the total would be £8.75
If I was aiming to spend £1.50 a day the total would be £10-50
As it is, I spent a grand total of £9

However - very big however - I was getting bananas and tomatoes for free (they would have been thrown away if I hadn't grabbed them) and I had playtime fruit at school all week.  Also yesterday's lunch was free.

I'm counting breakfast and lunch, then I'm off the project until Monday lunch time.  Next week's results will be 'odd' as a result.

Still, I am well pleased with this week.
I haven't gone hungry, I've been creative in my own very simple way, I've eaten well and I've enjoyed it.  That is, of course, because it's a choice, because I love cooking, because I have all sorts of gadgets and tools to support my cooking skills, I have a good range of pulses, seasonings and spices in my cupboards  to use (I costed them in) and it's first week in so has novelty value.

And it's just for me - no family to consider!  Still - I'm ridiculously pleased.

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