Sunday, 26 May 2013

Cheaper than chips: update 25-5-13

Today has been an expensive day - comparatively expensive, anyway - because of having a guest.  Yes, A, it's all your fault totally.  I hope you feel properly guilty!  :-)  It was extremely tasty though!

B:  Scrambled eggs on toasted soda bread
L:  More soda bread with tuna, lettuce and cucumber, a satsuma and a flapjack (the flapjack was unnecessary but there!)
D:  Finishing off the tuna and the leftover peas, plus other leftover stuff in a savoury rice sort of dish, banana and leftover custard from yesterday
Dr: coffee and water

I've tried my best to cost it out with the eggs and the tuna (which amounts to over a pound all on its own) and the soda bread plus the other bits and bobs and it comes to £2-30 < wince >!

Back on the frugality wagon tomorrow!

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