Monday, 27 May 2013

Recipe: Strawberry and blueberry sorbet

I've just made this (in the interests of using up freezer stuff, you understand) and, oh, my goodness, it is delicious.

I used Thermione but you could easily use a processor/blender (not a stick blender though) as there's nothing thermomix-specific about it apart from the fact that she does the job superbly well!

I ground 40g sugar into powder (or use icing sugar to start with).  Then I added some frozen strawberries and blueberries.  The strawberries were some I picked last year and froze singly before popping them into a poly bag.  I suppose I must have used around fifteen berries.  The blueberries were what I had in an opened bag of frozen blueberries from Sainsbury's and they were really rather old but seeing as they were going to get all  crushed up, who cares?  Not me!

These could possibly be the very strawberries - or not!!

Anyway, I crushed the frozen fruit until it was all mushed up with the sugar, then added 10g lemon juice and churned for 1 minute at speed 9, pushing the mixture down with the spatula as it churned.  If using a blender, you'd need to keep stopping and pushing the mixture down the side.  It goes all smooth and scrummy after a while.

After than, add the butterfly whisk, pop in one egg white from a smallish egg and 1/2 tbsp glycerine and whisk on 4 for about 30 seconds until light and sort of foamy.  If using a blender, you'd need to insert the whisk, if you have one, or whisk by hand.

I find it's a little too mushy to server immediately and don't want it now anyway, so it's in a plastic container and in the freezer for later.  I reckon it makes enough for five, depending on how much you call a serving!   I'm hoping the glycerine will make it easy to scoop.

Not really frugal but a darn sight cheaper (and nicer) than shop bought of similar quality!

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