Thursday, 30 May 2013

Cheaper than chips update: 20-5-13 (early)

Starting to prepare for LBTL.  Not that it's around the corner.  far from it, we're starting on June 9th, but I'm an awful planner.
I've had a look through my cupboards and sorted out things we can use (with their cost taken off the final amount, of course) because what's the point in buying stuff you already have in?
I'm trying to make bread with plain flour rather than strong flour.  Not sure about that one but fingers crossed.  I may end up with unleavened bread!
And I KNOW (because I know me) that I will have every i dotted and every t crossed, the week's eating totally planned out and everything ready in pots in the fridge or freezer before I start!
Because that's me!

Back to today.  Today's eating has been or is going to be (because I've taken it out of the freezer):
B:  Porridge with blackberry jam (delish)
L:  Broccoli soup with bread and butter from my allowance and a (free) apple
D:  Beef paprikash (from freezer) and some boiled new potatoes added in.  Fruit crumble and yoghurt

As there's some old freezer meals in there, the cost is £1.50.  It's probably more but it's swings and roundabouts on this issue, I think.


  1. I started off looking for Thermomix recipes online. I came across your blog and just want to tell you how impressed I am. I have been trying not to waste so much, with mixed success, although I think the Thermomix might help, especially with soups.
    I am a bit jealous of you though. British new potatoes, strawberries & raspberries. Nothing beats the taste of those. Australian ones are just not the same.

  2. Hello! How lovely to have a contributor from the other side of the world. I think you will find that your Thermomix will help quite a lot, I know I do. I use her such a lot and she makes things like kneading bread dough so easy I save a fortune on bready things now, for example.
    Thank you for your kind comments and I'm glad you like the blog. Please do stay around and keep commenting.

    J x