Thursday, 9 May 2013

Cheaper than chips: 9-5-13

Today was just about back to normal apart from the freebies presently in my fridge.  I'm using them up sensibly though and I hope there will be no waste.

I was cooking some butter beans and I managed to burn them in the first good boiling.  I then bunged them in the slow cooker which is living up to its name because they've been in for ages and they're still not completely soft.  It's a right pain and I'm very much tending towards investing in a pressure cooker.  They are so much better nowadays than when I last had one - that one used to scare the life out of me with all the banking and hissing and rattling.  I gather you can cook pulses very quickly and even without the need to soak first.  What a bonus that would be!

Anyway - back to today.
B:  Porridge with mashed banana (free) and natural yogurt
Pl:  Apple (free)
L:  carrot and lentil soup, bread and butter (allowance), banana (free)
D:  Ham (leftovers), new potatoes, broccoli and 'allotment chutney'
three coffees at home (and several freebies at school)

Today I seem to have eaten 80ps-worth but remember the ham and the fruit was free.  The yogurt is home made so very good value.  The chutney is also home made using veg given to me.

Still going OK!

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