Saturday, 25 May 2013

Recipe: a dressing for fish

I had some value fish - pollack fillets.  25p per fillet, not very big (rather small, in fact) but it was fish and I've missed my fish.

I wanted something to dress it up a little bit, taste-wise.  Looking around, I mixed some lemon juice (about 1 tsp) with a little bit of runny honey (less than the lemon juice) and half a tsp grain mustard.  I mixed it well together.

I put the fish on some foil, drizzled over the dressing with a few sprigs of thyme from the plant on the window sill and a tiny (very tiny) sprinkling of salt, wrapped the foil into a bag and popped it into the oven (which was already on for some chips) for about 20 mins.

I thought it was very nice with a sweetness coming through from the tiny bit of honey as well as the flavours of lemon, mustard and thyme.  Next time I will dot or smear a little bit of butter over the fish before adding the dressing and I might also add a titchy bit of chilli too.

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