Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Cheaper than chips: daily update: 14-5-13

Today I have eaten or intend to eat:

B:  Porridge with banana and natural yogurt
L:  Ham and pea soup, tomato quarters, apple
D: Chicken and mushroom crumble with broccoli, rhubarb and yogurt
Sn:  2 satsumas
Coffee: 2
Total, excluding freebies and allowances:  94p

I do like using peppers in cooking - stir fries, casseroles, etc, they all taste better for a bit of red/yellow/green pepper.  However, peppers are so expensive.  Even the value bags of peppers come out pretty dear for each pepper.  This evening I looked in Morrison's and in their freezer section that had a bag of sliced peppers for a pound   That's ten portions (I know, they're already in 50g portions in poly bags and in the freezer).  That's just right for me and much better value than using fresh would be.  And I was pleasantly surprised at the content too.  I rather expected that there would be loads of green pepper and not much other but, in fact, it's the other way round.  More red and yellow than green.  It's definitely the way I intend to go from now on, for cooking anyway.

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