Friday, 10 May 2013

Cheaper than chips: 10-5-13 and weekly ponder

First of all, today's figures.  All authentic, although, obviously, there are freebies and allowance food.

B:  2 boiled eggs (Thermione does boil eggs so beautifully), toast and butter (allowance)
L:  carrot and lentil soup (which really is so delicious and I am definitely going to make this again), bread and butter, two satsumas (freebies)
D:  Vegetable chilli with pasta, digestive biccie.
(and Friday wine, but we won't talk about that, OK?)

So, the total cost for the day (not counting the wine because we're not talking about that, are we?) is a triumphant 91p - ish! (I'm tending to round up rather than down)

I'm not commenting on the week's figures because they're hardly fair or accurate, what with being away last weekend and the party on Tuesday.  I start again from waking up tomorrow.

And now for the ponder.
I'm finding I'm not using home cooked meals that are in the freezer because it is impossible to price them.  Now that's totally idiotic, isn't it?  They are there, I have paid for them, cooked them, lovingly packaged them and stored them in the freezer.  I MUST use what's in there or the whole thing is a farce.  So - what to do?
OK, so, given that the idea is not to spend, I'm not going to count what's in the freezer.  Yup, that's right, every freezer meal (the ones I froze before I started this, I mean - the latest ones have their price on them) will count as a freebie.  Apart from anything else, perhaps that will encourage me to use up what I have stored, because it's utterly daft not doing so, isn't it?  But - big but - on the days that I use freebie freezer food I will aim for the rest of the day to cost no more than 60p of active spending (plus allowances, of course).

I think I'm getting a bit obsessive, but I'm having a whole load of fun too so who cares?  Not me!!

And finally . . .
According to the counter, the number of people reading this has gone up (not that it could have gone down that much before, but that's not the point).
It would be really lovely if people would consider leaving comments.  I get some spam but that's not what I mean.  Please, do feel free to give me feedback, share your own Cheaper than Chips recipes and generally encourage me . . . it would be lovely.


  1. I'm enjoying your blog, but don't have an account so am anonymous! It's an inspiration!
    Ruth C (OUSA forums)

  2. Oh, hi, Ruth - lovely to 'see' you here. Thank you for such kind and encouraging comments. Please, do stay around.

    J x

  3. Hi joy
    This blog of yours is giving me food for thought as i need to reduce my food bill if possible.
    I am going to start by going through my feezer and food cupboards and list what is there. I suspect that i will find many duplicates of spices and herbs.
    Then i think i will go back to planning meals and then go shopping rather than go shopping and decide what to have.
    I will certainly carry on reading both this and your other one.
    Kate (also from the ou - where i found out about this blog)

  4. Hi, Kate.
    I suspect the same as you. I know that's what I found. I was rather gutted to have to discard so much from the back of my cupboard. It seemed all wrong but when the date is years back < blush >, what can one do?
    Are you going to blog about it?

    J x