Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Cheaper than chips daily update: 15-5-13

Today I have eaten or am hoping to eat:

B:  bacon, tomatoes and a hash brown (and very tasty it was too)
L:  carrot and lentil soup, apple, flapjack
D:  turkey stew (made from Christmas leftovers and frozen) with 30g grated cheese

Sn:  satsuma, marmite on toast (allowances, mainly)
Coffee: 3 plus more at school - too much, I know.

As I've had a meal from the freezer I'm counting it as £1.50 which is my maximum amount.  The hash brown was from half a bag I found hiding in the freezer and which I ought to start using up.  I priced it using My Supermarket.

I've been feeling very cold and hungry today - the cold is because of the weather and the hungry is a consequence, I suspect.  Hence the marmite on toast.  I have no idea how to price the marmite so I won't bother - it wasn't all that much anyway.  I've just watched the start of the news and there's been snow - SNOW - over parts of the country!  That's just ridiculous.

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