Friday, 3 May 2013

Not a recipe yet, but it will be.

I've just made (and devoured) banana pancakes with bacon and maple syrup.  It was rather nice but not quite right - yet.

I used -
50g flour
1/2 small banana
100ml milk

I used SR flour and I think that was right because it puffed up and went nice and fluffy.
You could taste the banana but it was a good taste, not a bad one.  In this recipe it was fine, but if it was a savoury pancake it might taste a little odd.  If the banana wasn't free, it would be better value to use a bit of an egg and save the rest for a scrambled egg breakfast the following day.
The bacon works fantastically well and I chopped the rest of the banana to have with the bacon and that worked a treat too.  I will do that again.
And finally I succumbed to a drizzle of maple syrup.  Instead of just drizzling it, I measured out 10 mls and that was a mistake - 10 mls was far too much and rather upped the cost as well as just being too much for my taste.  At least now I know my 'drizzles' really are just drizzles, not an optimistic underestimation!

The main problem was that the mixture was too thick.  It could have done with less flour and maybe less banana too.  It made two pretty thick pancakes and, while you didn't hear me complaining, I'm now feeling more full than I've been used to this week.  I'm also getting a bit of a sugar 'rush'.

So - next time.
40g flour
1/3 of a small banana or maybe a bit of beaten egg.
100ml milk
a slice of bacon
5mls maple syrup
butter from allowance
Rest of the banana for topping.

It's a work in progress right now.  Oh - and, with the free banana it cost  around 35.5p in total and it would have been 20.5p without the maple syrup.  We live and learn!

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