Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Cheaper than chips: update 22-5-13

My food today has been:

B:  porridge with banana and yoghurt
L:  the rest of the broccoli stem soup that has been sitting in the freezer since Saturday (already costed in), bread and butter from allowance, fruit (free) - that's what you call a cheap lunch, cheap but nourishing and mostly home made!
D:  Hairy Dieters meatballs in tomato sauce (freezer), pasta.  I was going to have a flapjack too but I'm nicely full.
Sn:  Playtime fruit (free)
Dr: coffee x 4, water

Back on the frugality wagon AND using up something in the freezer.  Excellent!

No recipe today - there's not enough freezer space to cook any more at the moment!

Finally, a bit of a ponder.  I reckon I am going to have to shelve the frugal shopping in June/July, while the strawberry picking season is upon us.  You see, I always go to Lathcoat's farm at least twice to pick their lovely strawberries and I use quite a lot of what I pick to make  jammy thank-yous for all my lovely parent helpers.  In time it pays for itself as well as making the best gifts in the world, but it ain't cheap!  It's spend to save really.
I don't have to abandon it in any other way though, do I?

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