Saturday, 3 August 2013

Recipe: Definitely-Not-a-Caesar-Salad

This morning I was going to have a bacon sarnie.  The bacon and the bread both needed using up. you see.
So I set the bacon on to fry gently (it goes just how I like it fried slowly and loads of fat is released).  I went to get out the bread and uh-oh - mould.
By the time all the bad crust was cut off it was totally the wrong size for a sarnie - and it was very dry.  However, I didn't need any more breadcrumbs.  However - croutons might come in useful and I had some bacon fat in the pan.  I tossed the cut up bread in the bacon fat (when the bacon was done and out) and then tipped them onto a roasting dish to bake in the oven for a while.  It worked a treat.

So my brain got a-working.  I patted all the fat off the bacon and popped it, wrapped, in the fridge for a while.  Then I made a dressing, based on something I found by Mary Berry.  She said you dont need anchovies for a Caesar dressing (although they are nice) so this is what I did.

I put a dollop mof mayo (it happened to be a bit of leftover home made, but it didn't have to be).  To that I whisked in some lemon juice, Worcester sauce and garlic puree, going very much by taste.  Finally I whisked in a little EVOO.  No extra seasoning.  It went into the fridge until lunch time.

At lunch time I made a salad of lettuce, radishes, tomatoes (yup, from the garden!), some pitted black olives (I have a couple of very old tins and it I don't use them I will lose them!) and cucumber.  I poured over the dressing, mixed it well and put it in a bowl.  To that I added some shavings of not-parmesan (Morrison's value), the bacon cut into little bits and the croutons.  It was absolutely delicious and one I will do again, perhaps with chicken or tuna next time.

Not authentic but really delicious!


  1. There's just 1 ingredient I'd add, if making it - walnuts. I have a fondness for walnuts sprinkled over a salad. Jx

  2. That does sound delicious. The trouble is, if I had them I would eat them - just eat them, not in a recipe or anything. Walnuts are so good!