Saturday, 10 August 2013

Cheaper than chips menu: 10-8-13

Breakfast: beans on toast
Lunch: 'Caesar' salad with crumbled feta and olives, yoghurt and pineapple
Dinner:  the other half of the pasta with bacon, mushrooms and cheese I made yesterday, citrus yoghurt

Lots of water, some decaf coffee, mint tea.

Some of this looks very expensive but I will be well inside my £2.00 max for the day and this is how:
The beans are value beans which taste fine and the bread is home made.
The sauce for the salad is home made, the (non-traditional) salad itself will be mostly garden picked, the feta is value from Morrisons and the olives are the remains of the tin I opened earlier in the week, an old tin that really needed using fairly soon.  No idea of the cost, unfortunately.
The crouitons will be made from this week's now stale bread.
The yoghurt is home made.
The pasta is the other half of yesterday's dinner and is the most expensive of the lot at around 80p.

You can tell it is the summer holiday, can't you - all this home made stuff!  Delicious and satisfying.  And it is so very nice to have got the Cheaper than Chips project running again after something of a blip last month.

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