Saturday, 24 August 2013

Cheaper than chips: 24-8-13

At last it's back to normal, more or less.  I do have the remains of a take away Chinese to polish off but I'm going to freeze that.  I need to get back to basics.

Breakfast: porridge with pineapple and yoghurt (if it's OK after the week away - I shall make some more today anyway)
Lunch:  I have some leftover from a lovely veg mix Beth made on Thursday evening from onion, mushroom and tomato with some white wine and a few other bits and bobs.  I shall make some pasta and have a bit of that with the sauce and make a little side salad with leaves, radishes and tomatoes, all from the garden. Apple.
Dinner:  I have runner beans to eat so I will have them with a casserole of some kind from the freezer, perhaps some of the moroccan pork mince thing I made a few months ago.  I also need to use up a courgette so I will fry it in just a titchy bit of spray olive oil.  Dessert will be an apple or a nactarine, both holiday left-overs.

Loads and loads of water.  I've been bad at drinking enough water recently.  Holiday wine is NOT a proper substitute.

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