Thursday, 8 August 2013

Recipe: citrus curd and citrus yoghurt: cheaper than chips (sort of)

The curd is NOT cheaper than chips although it's great value compared with the equivalent quality in the shops!
The yoghurt is.

Quite a while ago I posted a recipe for lemon curd.  One version was a microwave version and one was for Thermione (which is the way I always do it now).  Both are dead easy and I haven't had a fail yet.
Here's the link:

When I went round to June's on Tuesday I wanted to take a little gift, as you do, and, because I didn't have enough lemons to make the lemon curd recipe, I used what I had which was:
one lemon
one orange
some bottled lime juice (not cordial)

It was truly delicious and I am so glad there was some left over for me (it makes just over two pots-worth).
To make the citrus yoghurt I used about a level tbsp of the curd and mixed it with quite a good amount of my home made yoghurt, until it tasted right.  That was it, dead easy.  It tasted like the most expensive citrus or lemon yoghurt on the shelves.

If I'd had some meringues I'd have crushed one in, but I didn't so I couldn't.

Another one to do again.


  1. It was delicious, Diane. Such a simple recipe but a lovely flavour!