Monday, 12 August 2013

Cheaper than chips menu: 12-8-13

Firstly I am very pleased to report that the pasta made with value flour worked extremely well and 100g + 1 egg made enough for four (three portions yesterday and one for dinner tonight), 20p in total, 5p per portion.  I know I'm lucky with the eggs but even if they were shop bought eggs it would still be pretty good.  So that's definitely a stayer!
I wasn't going to cook the pasta straight awayon Saturday, so I dried it.  Can you guess what I hung it on?

Breakfast:  beans on toast (I was supposed to have that yesterday but changed it to scrambled eggs)
Lunch:  P4P*
Dinner:  Yesterday's leftovers: pasta with tomato and bacon sauce with a side salad.

*It's our Picnic for a Pound today.  Bring something to share that costs no more than £1.00 and something(s) for the food bank.  I don't think many are coming, but we definitely have eight people and perhaps more.  I'm doing rolls with either cream cheese or jam.  I made 15 rolls for 25p, they will be halved first, the soft cheese and butter is value (of course) and the jam is home made and cost pennies.  I know Beth made courgette cake.  I'm not sure what anyone else is bringing but we certainly won't starve.

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