Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Cheaper than chips menu: 6-8-13

Breakfast:  courgette and mint bread (recipe in previous entry) toast, possibly marmite on top (I'll see what it tastes like), yoghurt and pineapple.
Lunch:  out with a friend, ooops.  Two days lunching out this week is not frugal.  It's just as well I am being careful the rest of the time, isn't it?
Dinner:  the other portion of pasta with a sardine sauce (recipe in previous but one entry) and I will probably have a tomato salad on the side as there are several ready to eat.  Then strawberry yoghurt for dessert

Drink:  mostly water, a few decaf coffees and mint tea in the afternoon

I need to do an audit of what's actually in the freezers!

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